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Chairman Long Dawei of Chengzhi Shareholding accepted the interview of the Directors & Boards

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Chairman Long Dawei of Chengzhi Shareholding illustrated his understanding of the entrepreneurship and shared his perception in the interview of the Directors & Boards on November 8, 2017.




Chairman Long Dawei accepted the interview of the Directors & Boards

Mr. Long thought that entrepreneurs, as carriers of entrepreneurship, should have a profound understanding of a society, a sense of mission and native land emotion. Besides, they should also have ideals& beliefs, intellectual impetus and prop to accomplish goals, as well as a keen insight of the future development trend. They should be capable of grasping opportunities, and never yield in spite of reverses. Only in this way could entrepreneurs lead theirenterprises to accomplish higher goals.




The scene of the interview

When talking about the cultivation of entrepreneurial character, Mr. Long emphasized that entrepreneurs need a long time to grow. Moreover, they should be able to allocate massive resources, have a strong heart and willpower, stick to their ideals and go beyond his personal value. According to Mr. Long, an enterprise must have its cultural foundation, and the culture of an enterprise is reflected from the entrepreneurship with which an entrepreneur shapes the enterprise.

Looking back at the development history of Chengzhi Shareholding, Mr. Long pointed out that strategic vision and courage were essential to entrepreneurs. He said that the Company transformed and was upgraded to the current life science and health care field from traditional chemicals for daily use and fine chemicals when it was established, started to enter the LCD material sector in 2008, and then made arrangements in the clean energy field in 2016. The technical routes were interlinked and consistent, and each strategy has gone through scientific verification before its implementation. The Company has broken away from conventions without hesitation, and advanced bravely andsteadfastly without pursuing any bubble reputation. After nearly 20 years of innovation and development, Chengzhi Shareholding has grown from small to big, from strong to outstanding because it has adapted to the strategic needs of the state, forged ahead for better life of the people, and made every effort to raise the resource conversion efficiency, together with its sustained efforts to create new products and services, develop new business form and model, and turn impossible into possible.

In the opinion of Mr. Long, the state-owned enterprises undertook new missions in the course of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realizing the Chinese dream. Chengzhi Shareholding, as a state-controlled listed company and school-run enterprise of Tsinghua, will inherit the culture of the alma mater , act more dedicatedly and pragmatically, insist on technical innovation, bring the platform and system advantages into full play, work hard, dare to be the pioneer of the world, and enhance cohesion to make new contributions to the country and society.

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